Downey talks on new ‘Putney Swope’ DVD

We haven’t heard from Putney Swope the ad blog in quite some time, but here’s some news about Putney Swope the movie: It’s been rereleased on DVD, complete with a new commentary track by the director. Here’s some more info from The A.V. Club: “In Robert Downey Sr.’s 1969 underground touchstone Putney Swope, an advertising agency feels the full force of the [1960s] revolution, as the executive staff’s token black man, Putney Swope (Arnold Johnson), gains control of the company, and turns it into a phenomenally successful subversion factory, turning out commercials so frank and shocking that people stay home to watch them and don’t go out and buy things.” You don’t have to go out to buy the DVD either. Order it from Amazon here.

—Posted by Tim Nudd