DonQ’s ladies will teach guys a thing or two


DonQ Rum and interactive shop Undercurrent (with help from Odopod in San Francisco) have launched a digital campaign called LadyData, which offers guys advice from hundreds of "real women" on things like dating, style, success, nightlife, manners and worldliness. A campaign with Lady Gaga, in spandex, would've been so much better! The site presents typical tongue-in-cheek guy questions like, "What's the maximum number of days I can wear the same underwear?" The responses are predictably glib. "What underwear?" says one. "Ewww," says another. The issue of whether the underwear is on the inside or outside of a guy's pants is never even addressed! Look, guys who are knocking back DonQ's at the bar don't care about this stuff. When they want friendly female advice that makes their eyes roll, they'll get married! UPDATE: It's better than having 100 Axe girls judge your hair, anyway.

—Posted by David Gianatasio