Don’t crush that phone!

OK, AdFreak is getting slightly obsessed with cell phones, but will you just look at this story in the New York Post?

It appears that the No. 2 cause of cell phones breaking, according to a survey commissioned by Siemens, is by being squeezed into the pockets of too-tight pants. (The No. 1 way, of course, is by being dropped.)

We knew tight pants were a problem. But we thought it was strictly a matter for the fashion police. Now it turns out there is a legitimate reason for banning them (besides not really having been in style since the ’70s). Still, given the recent rash of cell-phone promotional tie-ins, this may prove useful for some companies. How about a Levi’’s Loose Fit-sponsored alarm when your phone starts to feel the pressure? Or streaming video sponsored by Barneys giving style advice?

Other ways people break their phones: getting them wet or “throwing them down in a rage,” according to the article. But they aren’t so brand friendly.

—Posted by Mae Anderson