Domino’s drivers getting the old pinky wag

This pinky-wagging thing is really catching on in Australia. It all started, you recall, with a set of anti-speeding commercials from the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority. The ads showed women wagging their pinky fingers at male speeders—suggesting they may be poorly endowed and trying to make up for it with aggressive driving. The gesture was then adopted outside of advertising, which led to some unpleasant results. Now, it’s being employed by a local pizza chain called Eagle Boys to poke fun at delivery boys for Domino’s, which reduced the size of its pizzas lately. A Domino’s rep said he feels blindsided. “The only unfortunate thing there is that is it degrading to our team members,” he said. “I’m going to write personally to their CEO kindly and politely. Look, it’s fair enough that we compete, but why would you want to degrade our team members? It’s nothing to do with them.”