Domestic-abuse PSA actor beats up woman


A Welsh ad speaking out against domestic violence, and commissioned by the country's Assembly Government, has been yanked off TV after it was revealed that one of the actors in the PSA got popped for beating his ex-girlfriend last October. Not only that, he assaulted the poor woman in public, for which he was fined, put under a curfew and electronically tagged. And if that's not bad enough, he used to be a DJ on community radio. The guy, Rashid Omar, appears ever so briefly in the spot—he's the guy on the far left in the van, leering and catcalling at the woman on the sidewalk. (He's a natural!) One would think his audition was a cattle call that randomly placed him in this ad, because there's no way he'd be audacious enough to pursue this particular job on purpose. And since criminal background checks aren't required for casting, it could very well have been an honest mistake. All the same, stay classy, Wales.