Do You Hate Aubrey Plaza’s ‘World of Warcraft’ Ad as Much as the Next Person?

'Parks and Recreation' actress takes some heat

Aubrey Plaza's disaffected sarcasm works well on Parks and Recreation, but it's less effective in this World of Warcraft ad, where she plays essentially the same character. She says her boyfriend gave her WoW for her birthday, and that she broke up with him when she discovered she likes it more than she liked him. Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch blog is shocked by the mixed reaction on YouTube—the video has gotten almost 1,000 dislikes, versus 3,400 likes—and helpfully points out that the bleeped-out line about diamonds was a joke. Thanks, guys. More to the point, this is a classic case of an ad laughing at its demographic rather than with it. After the last batch of fun and inclusive celebrity ads for WoW (yes, even the Chuck Norris one), a lazy, alienating one starring a bitchy ice queen was bound to ruffle some nerd feathers.