Divorce Lawyer Ads on YouTube Don’t Get Much More Clever Than This

The videos aren't broken, but the marriages are

Even lawyers not named Scott Hoy tend to have trouble coming up with good advertising. Here's an exception—a clever new campaign from Rockville, Md., law firm Esteban Gergely from Grey's Hispanic agency, Wing. The three spots advertise the firm's divorce services through a pretty awesome use of YouTube. Just make sure you let the videos run.

Credits below. (And thanks to @irenyofirene for the headline help.)

Note: Don't be fooled by the message that the videos have been removed. Keep watching.


Agency: Wing

Chief Creative Officer: Favio Ucedo

Senior Copywriter: Facundo Paglia

Copywriter: Marc Duran

Senior Copywriter: Facundo Paglia,

Copywriter: Marc Duran

Brian Novoa, Art Director

Producer Keyla Hernandez

Editor: Alejandro Ussa

Director of Business Development: Daniel Gergely

AAE of Business Development: Andrés Tello