Is Dissolvable Packaging the Next Big Thing in Food Marketing?

MonoSol pioneers new technology

I'm a busy guy. Always in a rush. On the move. Places to be. Stuff to do. Got no time. Not for commas. Or complete sentences. Enter MonoSol, a company that makes water-soluble packaging for instant coffee and virtually every other food product you can imagine that gets mixed with a liquid. "The uses in some ways are only constrained by our imagination," MonoSol's Matt Scearce tells Co.Design. The stuff's totally safe to ingest. Drop one in a cup. Add hot water. Bam! You've got coffee. That's a time saver. No more spooning crystals. Or tearing open plastic packets. That should save me about a half-second per serving. At my rate of caffeine consumption, I'll add 12 seconds to each day. Awesome! More time to drink coffee. I think I used a comma back there. I'm slowing down! Time for another cup.

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