Dish Network just loves the word Christmas

Dish Network really wants you to know it's not afraid to say the word "Christmas." In the insufferable seasonal spot above, employees sing, "We Dish You a Merry Christmas." Most of them probably e-mailed their résumés to DirecTV as soon as the director yelled, "Cut!" As if the commercial weren't annoying enough, Dish has been issuing "statements" about its oh-so-brave decision. There's mention of an "outpouring of both support and displeasure from people across the country" and a boast about how Bill O'Reilly called Dish "patriotic" for airing the ad. Sure, Dish is unafraid to say "Christmas" over and over. But these media releases are hardly in the spirit of the season—they're more self-serving than Gap's holiday ads, which earned the threat of a boycott from the American Family Association for not being Christmassy enough. It would be nice if the AFA, in an unlikely twist, condemned Dish for a crass effort to build buzz.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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