Dirt Devil’s ‘Exorcist’ Parody Is Hellishly Good

The woman in this cinematic German ad isn't possessed by demons, she's just been sucked up to the ceiling—where she wails and flails furiously—by the awesome suction power of a Dirt Devil vacuum being used by an old lady in the room above. There. In keeping with the evil spirit of the spot, I spoiled the twist ending for you. Kudos to director Andreas Roth for this finely detailed and legitimately creepy parody, although 30 seconds of buildup before the big reveal would've sufficed. And I kept thinking, if the ceiling-lady vomits pea soup, that'll be one hell of a nasty stain, and Dirt Devil won't have a prayer of cleaning it up. (Get thee out, tortured wordplay!) After the jump, check out a  lighter variation on the same theme from the U.K., with a Dirt Devil wreaking havoc with a pub patron's "rug."

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