This Digital Mall Ad Plays Pictionary With You, and Gives Out Fabulous Prizes

Poster suddenly springs to life

Today, everything's an ad. Or a game. Sometimes both.

Agency TrojanOne in Toronto created this mall installation in Canada for Mattel's Pictionary. A display that initially appears to be a poster is actually a video screen. It springs to life with an interactive Pictionary challenge illustrating the tagline, "See what happens when you take the time to play."

It's a fun variation on an ambient theme that's been executed in different ways elsewhere for various products, services and causes. Some of these campaigns have been out of this world, others can seem sinister or invasive, while one heartfelt effort is blowing folks away.

Here, a bright, inclusive mood really resonates, and it's hard not to be drawn in by the video's infectious high spirits. In a world where everything, it seems, is an ad or a game, it's comforting to know that you can win a ginormous teddy bear sometimes.

Via Ads of the World.


Client: Pictionary, Mattel Canada

Agency: TrojanOne, Toronto

Chief Creative Officer: Graham Lee

Executive Creative Director: Gary Watson

Art Director: Graham Lee

Copywriter: Gaby Makarewicz

Consumer Engagement Team: Imran Choudry, Danielle Minard, Kristyn Turner

Digital/Agency Production Team: Mark Stewart, Garrett Reynolds, Kevin Burke

BA Recruitment: Justin Orfus, Moira MacDonald

Agency Producer: Laurie Maxwell

Production Company: studio m

Executive Producer: Mike Mills

Line Producer: Jonny Pottins

Director: T.J. Derry

Cameras: Dave Derry, Jon Staav, Bruce William Harper

Editor: Jesse Manchester, studio m

Color Grade: RedLab

Music, Sound Design: Imprint Music