Dean Winters Causes Historic Mayhem in Grand New Allstate Ad

Epic wrap to the Super Bowl

In the beginning, there was Mayhem. Actually, Leo Burnett's latest spot for Allstate, starring Dean Winters as the iconic agent of chaos, will air at the end of the Super Bowl—between the game's final play and the trophy presentation. The vignette does, however, open in the Garden of Eden, with Winters kickin' back in the tree of knowledge and informing us, "I'm a forbidden fruit." Thanks for sharing. He then embarks on a trip through time, causing all manner of historical disasters, large (the extinction of the dinosaurs) and small (the NFL referees on strike), that Allstate probably wouldn't cover. There's a cute bit early on, where a lion suddenly puts the bite on a lamb after the pair had been sitting together peacefully in paradise. Ha ha—stupid lamb! And observe how mysterious mists obscure Adam and Eve's genitals from view. (Probably itchy, though.) The spot's visually rich, and Winters, as always, is fun to watch. Mixing saurians and Biblical stories seems odd. Besides, the most unholy, heart-rending, soul-crushing disaster of all—the Patriots elimination by the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game—isn't even mentioned. Where's the insurance that covers my tears!?