Dead rock stars prove not all that talkative

Speaking of dead rock stars (see below), apparently a lot of folks shelled out $9.95 to watch an In Demand pay-per-view TV special on Monday in which a group of psychics attempted to contact John Lennon. They claim that the former Beatle, shot to death 25 years ago, issued a one-word message: “Peace.” O-kay. Not impossible, given Lennon’s leftie leanings and penchant for sloganeering. Still, I’d like to think Lennon (or at least the show’s producers) would be a tad less predictable. I would have believed “Goo-goo-gachoo” without question; a walrus reference would have added an air of authenticity. Actually, I hope more such programs are on the way. It’d be interesting to see what any number of dead rock stars would say from beyond the grave. Morrison, Elvis, Joplin, Hendrix and Cobain would all ask for drugs. Rick James would probably quip, “I’m STILL dead, bee-atch!” And then ask for drugs. George Harrison, the “quiet Beatle,” wouldn’t say much at all. How about Prince? He’s not dead, but his career is.

—Posted by David Gianatasio