DDB fights breast cancer with musical butts

Ever slide on a pair of jeans and feel an unmistakable eruption of divine glory from your buttocks? You know the feeling—like riding a giant seahorse through the denim countryside? Well, that sensation has finally been captured in an ad—specifically, in this spot for Lee National Denim Day, an annual fund-raiser for breast-cancer research. The Oct. 2 event encourages supporters to create teams and gather donations. Two DDB Chicago animators created the spot above as a promo for the agency's team, "DDB Cheers for a Cure." So, if you're a DDB fan (or a job applicant looking to score brownie points), you can donate a few bucks to help them reach their $10,000 goal. Or you can make your own team, especially if you're at an agency that also wants to get in line for the Lee creative account. (Has Lee made a memorable ad since Fallon's Buddy Lee spots?) Oh, and in case you were confused like me, this isn't the Denim Day that advocates against sexism and rape. (That's April 23.) Lee National Denim Day supports a variety of breast-cancer initiatives and predates the other Denim Day by about three years.

—Posted by David Griner

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