DavidAndGoliath.com Is Held for Ransom by Masked Villains. Will David Angelo Pay Up?

David&Goliath founder might finally get his hands on the precious URL, for a price

Ever since Los Angeles ad agency David&Goliath opened its doors in November 1999, it has suffered the indignity of not being able to get its hands on davidandgoliath.com, which was being used by another company. Founder David Angelo and his shop—best known for its Kia advertising—were forced to settle for dng.com, a depressingly acronymic substitute for such a mythic name.

But it looks like Angelo might finally be able to seize the prized URL—for a price.

If you visit davidandgoliath.com this week, the site redirects to URLransom.com, which features videos (two so far) of masked hostage takers—who appear to have kidnapped a laptop and are in the process of torturing it. Only if Angelo ponies up an undisclosed amount for davidandgoliath.com will the torture stop.

We know the identity of the hostage takers, but have been sworn to secrecy—for now. Will Angelo take the bait and pay the ransom, or will he follow protocol and refuse to negotiate with terrorists? We've reached out to Angelo for his reaction to the troubling events. Keep an eye out for the resolution later this week. 

UPDATE: Angelo hasn't replied to us, but did post a tweet that could be interpreted a few different ways. Is he annoyed by the stunt, or having fun with it? See below.