Crotchety paper has no love for vagina ad

First there were the River City Vagina Bagels of Ought-Seven. Now, just in time for V-Day, The Vagina Monologues has sparked another intriguing ad, one that’s apparently got the Seattle Times’s granny panties in a bunch. The ad was created by the National Council of Jewish Women’s Seattle office, which is co-sponsoring performances of Eve Ensler’s episodic play aimed at empowering women. But the Seattle Times reportedly refused to run the ad unless the vagina-heart artwork was altered — which the sponsors declined to do. As Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg points out in the Seattle Weekly’s coverage, the ad has been hanging as a poster in several area synagogues. I don’t want to tell the Seattle Times how to do its job, but when your ad policy is stricter than a house of worship’s, it might be time for a reality check. Via Romenesko.

—Posted by David Griner