Creativity. Now in a handy witch’s brew.

We’re all about bedknobs and broomsticks this week. First, we learned that Stephen Hawley Martin, co-founder of The Martin Agency, is descended from a witch hanged in Salem, Mass., in 1692. Now, we get an e-mail from the kooks at ihaveanidea, telling us they commissioned a witch named Heidi Reiss to forge a creativity potion “that will enhance the creative abilities of advertising professionals around the world.” (“I know it sounds fucking crazy, but it’s not a joke,” said the e-mail. Which wasn’t that reassuring.) Ihaveanidea president Ignacio Oreamuno explains further: “Ads around the world haven’t been that inspiring lately. I think everyone in the industry needs a little spark—a little touch of magic. As a result, we decided to ask Heidi Reiss, a real certified witch, to create a magic potion that would enhance the creative abilities of copywriters and art directors around the world.“ Apparently you’re supposed to sprinkle this shit around when you’re blocked. You are not supposed to eat it.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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