#Covfefe: Who Branded It Best?

Everyone's a pitchman

The nominees include…

1) Jeremy Smyth, a studio manager at U.K.’s The Creative Branch.*

2) This new brand of vodka.

3) While there is no shortage of coffee options–everything from a re-imagined Starbucks mermaid to Nespresso lover George Clooney taking a sip–Deviant Art, based in Hollywood, may have the ultimate java brainstorm. Given the way President Trump tweets at 3 a.m., this is probably the way he takes his #covfefe.

4) Writer-producer Jordan Van Dina offers this sublime Japanese TV commercial movie reference.

5) Finally, the Chevy Corvette and variations thereof seemed to make the most automotive sense to folks still hankering for a Memorial Day weekend deal (and in this case, well geographically beyond). Honk if you’re on the waiting list alongside Tim Van Martin!

*Addendum (June 1):
Via Twitter, Smyth has informed us that he did not create the chocolate box image. Only passed it on. If you are the artist, or know who is, please let the article author know.

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