A couple of years away from ordinary

What’s the value of a beer endorsement if the celebrity drinker in question is underage? The celebrity blogs are all atwitter over this pic of 15-year-old Emma Watson, aka Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter films, apparently swigging from a bottle of Corona. Defamer debates the context of the photo, wondering if it was taken somewhere 15-year-olds can legally drink or, humorously, if it’s a publicity still (possibly part of a scene where “the young wizards get shitfaced on butterbeer and draw genitals on Ron Weasley’s face with their wands after he passes out”). On the Corona Web site (tagline: “Miles away from ordinary”), where coconuts plop into a placid green ocean and ragged-clawed crabs scuttle about, the brewer feels compelled to note that it “supports the Century Council’s fight against underage drinking and drunk driving.” Defamer doesn’t speculate on whether the pic might help Corona, but isn’t optimistic about the effect on Watson: “Corona? Haven’t the Lohans of the world taught us that teen stars should be shoring up their tolerance with hard liquor?”

—Posted by Tim Nudd