Could you please rat yourself out?

Rat21_1Two weeks ago, we wrote about the Great Pointed Archer
, which says it wants people not only to like rats
better but to start referring to them as great pointed archers. (It’s a stretch,
especially when one is mostly used to seeing rats zip
amid the muck and garbage on the subway tracks—with a knack for avoiding the
third rail that is positively uncanny.) AdFreak, like the people at the museum
of hoaxes
, believes the Society is a front for a teaser campaign—and apparently
one that just keeps on teasing. Yesterday we received an e-mail from the Society—the
same one that had been e-mailed to a colleague two weeks ago—and we came to the
following conclusion: We’re really tired of this. Reveal who you are, or …
have you ever seen the movie Ben?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor