Corona Light’s Mark: Is He a Poor Man’s Stan?

Goodby returns with second rhythmic ad

Meet Mark, an office drone who tweets, posts, tags, links, pokes and shares in zombified fashion through most of this Goodby, Silverstein & Partners spot for Corona Light. After switching from a boring "brown-bottle" beer—presumably Bud Light or Miller Lite—to Corona Light, his frustratingly predictable life morphs into a rockin' partysphere of salsa dancing and crowd surfing. There's even a pony in there somewhere. This is the brand's second recent outing that employs addictive, rhythmic editing and mostly still photos to tell the tale of a young dude's emancipation from the humdrum through beer. It's pretty amusing, but there's just one catch. Mark's no Stan, the hero of the earlier spot. Judging by the comments on YouTube—the most accurate gauge of public opinion in the known universe—Stan has Mark beat by a mile. Stan just seems cooler, even before he grabs a Corona Light. Stan dreams of talking sheep; Mark's pony never says a word. Stan's regimen might be dull, but at least he logs off the computer for some workouts at the gym. Mark's a hopeless cyber addict, eyes glued to screens of all shapes and sizes as he feeds his snowballing social-media obsession. The guy must work in advertising.