Copywriter totally sucks, gets decent job

Seattle agency Creature has hired 35-year-old copywriter Yutaka Tsujino, formerly of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, based almost solely on the consensus opinion that the guy completely sucks. Jim Haven, co-founder and creative director at Creature, seems to have based his hiring decision mostly on this letter and on the Yutaka Sucks Web site. The latter features humorous anti-Yutaka testimonials, one of which begins: “Yutaka is the biggest scumbag I’ve ever been around. He stinks. I know all the ideas he has ‘come up with’ are something he ripped off from weird ads in Japan. You know Japan is a crazy country, so there is tons of weird shit he steals from. It pisses me off because our creative directors here think it’s funny but don’t take us seriously.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd