Condom Advertising Gets Positively Prehistoric With Epic Depiction of Dinosaur Sex

From Japan, obviously

"Dinosaur sex, dinosaur sex/You make me feel like a Tyrannosaurus Rex." Forgotten U.K. post-punk band Family Fodder sang those lines way back in 1981, and now they've come to full and terrifying CGI life thanks to Japanese condom brand Okamoto. 

Get ready for some Jurassic porking as two T-Rexes go at it, dino-style. The startled female Rex's reaction tells us this giant lizard did not use prehistoric prophylactics. 

According to Tokyo news site Kai-You, the brand polled 400 men and women only to discover that most had never seen a condom ad before. To appeal to young audiences, Okamoto enlisted CGI artist Kota Morie—who animated the dinosaurs in programs produced by Japan's national public broadcasting organization NHK—to bring the "copulation of dinosaur" to life.

(You may recall the North American wing of Okamoto released a very different sort of light-hearted, soft-focus campaign over the summer by Cleveland agency Marcus Thomas.)

For the record, paleontologists know very little about dinosaurs' genitalia or their sexual habits. But here's a link to the full Okamoto project if you want to know more with a little help from Google Translate. 

Our proposed tagline: "With Okamoto, you can last until the Cretaceous Period," unlike our scaly, overeager friend in the spot above.