Colt 45’s board game. It works every time.

Colt45 Looking for last-minute gift ideas for that friend who enjoys knocking back Colt 45 in massive quantities? Try to find a copy of Colt 45’s Bottoms Up drinking game, created in 1970. The rules are a bit fuzzy, but they involve drinking lots of Colt 45 and following the instructions listed on the “action cards,” such as: “Smoke two cigarettes simultaneously.” “Obey any wish or request of the player on your right.” “Put an article of your clothes on backwards.” “Do a Jack Benny imitation for 30 seconds.” “Explain to other players why you think that sex before marriage is a necessity.” Sounds like a whole lot of laughs. Judging by the ad shown here, male players should be fully dressed, while women should wear bikinis.

—Posted by Tim Nudd