Cities made of beer only good in moderation

"For a fresher world" is the (unintentionally) ironic tagline of this Heineken campaign from Publicis Conseil in France, which transforms world-class cities using beer bottles, cans and cases to represent skylines and landmarks. See all three ads here. The decision to replace the Rio statue of Christ with a giant corkscrew seems straight out of some post-punk art exhibition, the kind the Catholic Church is always quick to protest. Atheists can take offense at the Statue of Liberty receiving similar treatment. Worst of all is the eerie hue—I think it's supposed to be Heineken-bottle green, but it just makes me think of urine. The enterprise suggests not freshness but the kind of unhealthy, beer-fueled visions you might see after chugging one too many. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio