Christie’s, the Auction House, Actually Made an Ad That Doesn’t Smell 250 Years Old

With skater Chris Martin, music by Awolnation

Auction house Christie's may be celebrating its 250th birthday in 2016, but it's trying to seem more youthful in this promo for a contemporary art sale happening this Monday.

From the Christie's site: "Professional skateboarder Chris Martin rides through Christie's, giving a behind-the-scenes look at highlights from our 'If I Live I'll See You Tuesday' Contemporary Art Evening Sale, with a soundtrack by Awolation."

The video—presumably made in a contemporary style to push the contemporary product—does a nice job of showing off the art. Loic Gouzer of Christie's tells NPR: "We always show art in the same way, on pristine galleries, on white walls and I think that if you change a bit the context, you infuse it with a new meaning."

But not everyone is impressed.

Art critic Michael Miller of the New York Observer said, "I thought the video was ridiculous. As if they're marketing to a bunch of punk rockers who like skateboarding but, you know, have an extra $10 million just on standby to spend on a Warhol."

If nothing else, Martin has the role of douchey art handler down pat.

Directed by Gary Gardner. Via The Denver Egotist.