Chili’s: our meals are tastier than cardboard

Commercial directors know how difficult it can be to make food look appealing in ads. That's no problemo in Hill, Holliday's latest campaign for Chili's, which features some intentionally unappetizing visuals for the fictitious rival P.J. Bland's chain. Actually, the entrees are pretty tasty—to the eye, at least—with expertly sculpted cardboard substituting for meat and veggies. The baked potato with butter is especially fine. It's also refreshing to see Chili's stressing taste over low prices, because the whole the "value-sell" approach by advertisers has started to get out of hand. Though if P.J.'s prices are decent, I'd be tempted to give that T-bone a try. It doesn't look any worse than the lunches I make for myself. I thought steak was supposed to be grayish brown (with flecks of green)!

—Posted by David Gianatasio