The Chicago Tribune needs to grow a pair

In a bizarre bit of old-media paranoia, the Chicago Tribune has cut a comic strip that makes a joke about mobsters putting the whack on a guy’s sack. Seems our culture is not emotionally equipped to handle jokes about testicles, at least not in the panels of Get Fuzzy. A few times a year, you hear about comics getting pulled for content, like B.C.’s anachronistic take on Judaism. But a nut joke? C’mon. Maybe it got yanked just because it’s one of the only comics in recent memory that’s actually made me chuckle. (Or maybe they’re gun shy after Get Fuzzy’s last controversy.) Anyway, in honor of this great moment in morality enforcement, I’d like to dedicate this link to the Tribune, which should hit the paper right where it hurts.

—Posted by David Griner