Cheesy, Sexist Video Fails to Get Girls Interested in Science

Good intentions go awry

Europe had a good idea. It wanted to increase the number of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, so it hired an advertising agency to sell ladies on science. The campaign launched with the teaser video below, designed to go viral, called "Science: It's a Girl Thing!" And it did go viral, racking up so many negative reviews and generating such a PR shitstorm that the EC removed it from the European Commission website after just 30 hours. But this is the Internet, so the damage was done. It seems they've decided to keep the logo where "Science: It's a Girl Thing!" is written in pink lipstick. The Internet has already commented on the many, many issues with the teaser video, but let me sum it up. They used female stereotypes associated with vapidity to sell women on an intellectual lifestyle, turning a FTW concept into a WTF execution. The much-hated teaser was produced by the Emakina agency. Tipik is, unfortunately for those who work there, the PR agency for the campaign.