Caught with his pants down?

Perhaps the price reality-TV stars pay for being in the public eye is too high.

It seems Richard Hatch, who won the first “season” of Survivor—the show that arguably began the nation’s love affair with voyeurism—has been charged with defrauding the government. Hatch, who you may recall was also arrested for allegedly abusing the “caretaker” of his son, also allegedly failed to claim his $1 million prize winnings from the show to the IRS. (Did he think people wouldn’t notice?)

He is charged with filing false tax returns in 2000 and 2001. If convicted, according to The Smoking Gun, Hatch could face up to five years in prison for each count. While we at AdFreak are tempted to make a joke about how Hatch’s penchant for nudity might play in confined environs, we’re going to go the conspiracy-theorist route and suggest that Hatch is positioning himself for a role on Mark Burnett’s Martha Stewart program.

—Posted by Aaron Baar

Photo: CBS /Landov