Captain Morgan drinkers fool moronic wives

How do men sneak away for a night on the town with their pals? That's the question asked, and humorously answered, by Grey Toronto and Captain Morgan in these Canadian spots that show dudes using unconvincing doppelgangers to convince their wives and girlfriends that they're still at home, and not getting hammered doing shots at the bar. There's a wooden smoke-shop Indian in the shower, a gorilla suit in a hot tub (no actual gorillas were harmed!) and, unsettlingly, a Styrofoam-popcorn dummy on a riding lawnmower who falls off and gets mulched. And that's just the first spot. One look at the goofy guys striking their Cap'n stance at the bar, however, and it's clear that the babes are better off with the replacements. Second spot after the jump.