Canadian ads remind you not to rape people

Canadians can be impolite when it matters, and the “Don’t be that guy” anti-sexual-assault campaign qualifies. The posters, targeted at men 18-24 and placed in transit locations and bathrooms, offer perky headlines such as, “Just because you help her home, doesn’t mean you get to help yourself,” and “Just because she isn’t saying no, doesn’t mean she’s saying yes.” Edmonton police superintendent Danielle Campbell hopes the uncompromising language “communicate[s] one bottom-line message: Sex without consent is sexual assault.” It will do so, no doubt. Still, there’s the lingering question about whether shame-based ads make people defensive and unresponsive to the content. Hopefully that won’t be the case here, because “Stop raping people” is something that needs to be said a lot. See a second ad after the jump.