Can Rogers & Cowan control Cruise?

Tomcruisemario_anzuonisplashnewsnewscomWe would love to have been a fly on the wall during the negotiations which led Tom Cruise to dump his sister, Lee Ann DeVette, as his flack in favor of hiring Hollywood insider Paul Bloch of Rogers & Cowan. (For the record, DeVette has said she wants to spend more time on Cruise’s charitable activities.) What, after all, is the new PR strategy? For Cruise to go into extended seclusion? Though the headlines about the megastar leaping on couches, having verbal tugs-of-war with Brooke Shields and other antics involving impregnated fiance Katie Holmes are now old hat, those events have led the press to sow new seeds of scandal almost any time Cruise breathes—whether there’s truth to any of it, or not. We recently read in a celebrity magazine (no, we don’t actually buy them; they just have this habit of landing in our lap), that Katie Holmes’ lawyer Dad was holding up the wedding over the prenup; in another one we read that Cruise had bought a house for he and Katie in her hometown, Toledo, to appease the in-laws. Is any of this true? Unlike the appearance on Oprah, there’s no footage to verify any of it, but the normalcy of negative headlines about Cruise these days would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Whatever happens from here, people in PR and marketing will be watching Bloch just as closely as they surreptitiously scan headlines to catch up on the latest alleged Tom Cruise scandal.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

Credit: Mario Anzuoni/Splashnews/Newscom