Calvin Klein’s models better seen, not heard

It's not every day someone forwards you an ad with the question, "You wanna see a bunch of naked cursing dudes?" Um … maybe? Calvin Klein's new X campaign is just that: a bunch of dudes cussing in their underwear. The words are bleeped out, but the abs are on full display. This time, instead of paying for one David Beckham, they got four hot men: Twilight star Kellan Lutz, Japanese footballer Hidetoshi Nakata, Spanish tennis player Fernando Verdasco and True Blood star Mehcad Brooks (click the links to watch their individual videos). Since two of the four star in vampire dramas, I'm going to assume the campaign is trying to get women to buy Calvins for their men. But even with the power of vampires, Calvin's shock shtick is getting old. And when did it switch from sex to foul language? Maybe it didn't—maybe it's supposed to be dirty talk, but It just feels awkward. Aren't models supposed to just sit back and let me gawk at them like the eye candy they are? It's much more difficult to casually objectify them when they're being so in-your-face. All I can say is, thank goodness for the print campaign.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers