Buy humbug

SantaAdFreak knows how you like to reflect on what fun you’ve had during the annual “Buy Nothing Day” sponsored by those uplifting folks at Adbusters. So you’ll be happy to know that now Adbusters is touting the first-ever “Buy Nothing Christmas,” urging its followers not to spend a dime on the holidays. They’ve even developed a Zen Santa logo (called Zenta) who appears to be far too busy trying to unravel his legs to mount that sleigh and get on the job. And there are special carols on the site, too—including a nice little ditty called “Cheney the oil man.”

Now, it’s true that way too much flotsam and jetsam passes through the AdFreak domicile throughout December, but what a downer this group is. Christmas presents are, well, nice (especially if there’s an iPod under the tree, dear). And there’s no sign that Adbusters has ever given much thought to the real ramifications of a “Buy Nothing Christmas”—not just for really ticked off 6-year-olds who didn’t get the latest Hot Wheels set but for millions of workers from cab drivers to busboys, for whom the holidays represent a large part of their annual earnings.

Time to fire up the Visa card!

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor