Bush daughter shoots spot for gay marriage

In the grand tradition of Republican relatives breaking with their family members on social topics, Barbara Bush, the daughter of George W. Bush, has filmed the spot below supporting gay marriage in New York. As president, Barbara's father, of course, was in favor of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. The timing of Barbara's ad makes sense—she didn't want it to be all awkward at the holidays! Now, she might not even have to see Dad until maybe Memorial Day. Barbara follows in the footsteps of Cindy McCain, who duct-taped her mouth shut in a striking pro-gay-marriage ad last winter. John McCain's daughter Meghan is also vocal supporter of same-sex marriage, despite her father’s opposition to it. The Cheneys have also dealt with this issue. Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of Dick Cheney, has long spoken out in support of gay marriage. The difference there is that she convinced her father to change his position. He now supports gay marriage, as long as it is deemed legal by state and not federal government.