British nurses: We’re not sex objects either!

Nurses across Europe are tired of being seen as sex objects. Last week, it was Dutch nurses who launched an ad campaign reminding people that they don't offer sex as part of patient care. Now, it's English nurses who are upset by a bus company that's been advertising its route to the hospital by showing a sexy nurse and the line, "Oooh matron!" The ad has been appearing on the back of Diamond Bus Company vehicles. One nurse tells the Worcester paper that it "devalues the nursing profession. Nurses object to the trivialization and gratuitous sexualization of nursing, not least because it can risk fueling a mistaken impression of nurses among some people." She's certainly right about that. Diamond reps insist it's a "bright and positive" campaign, and that they showed a draft of the ad to a group of nurses who supposedly found it funny. So, perhaps their hearts were in the right place. Whether the same can be said for their other organs has yet to be determined.

—Posted by David Kiefaber