British bloody furious about Diana doll

Diana_doll_1Now, for a limited time (or maybe a not-so-limited time), you too can be the proud owner (or maybe not-so-proud owner) of this impressive (or maybe offensive is a better word) talking Princess Diana doll. The 12-inch-high doll, made by a Texas company called Time Capsule Toys, says things like, “I sit here in sadness,” “I’d like to be a queen of people’s hearts” and “There’s far too much about me in the newspapers, far too much.” Britons generally despise this new product. Says the Mirror: “She has bandy legs, a huge behind, hair like a crash-helmet, wild makeup, a hooked nose, no chest and ankles that make her look like she’s got two club feet. Still, if you could blow the doll up, most men would choose to have sex with it before Camilla.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd