British Ad Creative Covers Copenhagen With Fliers Looking for Love on Valentine’s Day

How did #ValentinesDavid do?

David Felton appears to be a fan of direct marketing. The British advertising creative, who recently moved from New York City to Copenhagen, has been having trouble finding dates in Denmark. So, for Valentine's Day, he plastered some 100 fliers around the city showing his grinning face.

"Have you seen this guy? Would you like to?" said the copy. And the tear-away pieces of the flier encouraged would-be romantics to contact Felton on Twitter with the hashtag #ValentinesDavid.

"I got the idea back in January, when I was struggling to get a single Tinder match," Felton tells AdFreak. "But rather than acting on it straight away, I thought it would be best to keep it for the most romantic day of the year."

Felton didn't actually land a date for the big day itself, but he did get some amusing tweets—and a note of interest from a latecomer.

"I've got a date with an amazing Danish girl lined up for tomorrow. She asked me out—we've been in contact, and we've really hit it off so far," Felton says. "I wouldn't want to jinx it, but there's definitely some romance in the air."