Bridgestone’s Super Bowl ad plan still fishy

Bridgestone is sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show, starring those ancient mariners of rock, the Who. So, perhaps it's fitting that one of the tire maker's in-game spots from The Richards Group features a whale. (Yes, that opening was a stretch, but I'm rushing. After watching the Damaris lingerie clip a few dozen times, I've gotten a little behind, so to speak.) In "Whale of a Tale," three dudes speed down the highway with a whale hanging out the back of their truck. They're probably looking for a store that sells tartar sauce. There's a second spot called "Your Tires or Your Life," which appears to offer a noir-ish roadside-peril scenario in which a creepy bald guy brandishes power drills. I'm thinking that's Pete Townsend. We'll know for sure Feb. 7.

—Posted by David Gianatasio