Bradley and Montgomery’s pony arrives

MauriceBe careful what you wish for. Or willfully demand. Remember Bradley and Montgomery’s lil’ Internet terrorist, the one who defiled the Indianapolis agency’s Web site with her dancing bunnies and unicorns? She wanted a pony and threatened to “wreck, like, a ton of Web sites” until her daddy bought her one. Well, the shop has since updated its site, and it includes a bug in the upper right-hand corner that reads, “Here’s your damn pony.” His name is Maurice, and according to his very own Web page, “he likes to bite. More specifically, he likes the taste of human flesh. … But as long as he wears his muzzle, all you have to worry about are his violent kicking fits and that strange-smelling rash on his back.” Well, I suppose you reap what you sow, little girl. However, considering that the sower in question was a figment of the creatives’ imagination, birthed as an alternative to a bland “Site Under Construction” sign, they’re only punishing themselves. One wonders if the folks at Bradley and Montgomery are both sadists and masochists. And if so, what does that say about their clients?

—Posted by Deanna Zammit