Bot drinks may be laced with hallucinogens

I thought the Vermont energy-efficiency spot with the cowboy light bulb would easily rank as the oddest animated TV commercial of the week. Who knew TDA would kick things into a new orbit with its campaign for Bot, a line of vitamin-fortified water for kids? The ads feature colorful, blobby characters that are like a cross between the Teletubbies and the kids from South Park. This 60-second spot had me hooked until the end, if only so I could figure out what the hell was being advertised. The last time TDA was called on for beverage ads, it hauled out dead bodies for Go Fast energy drink. This time, it’s content to slaughter viewers’ minds. The Denver Egotist has some Bot print work here, and you can see another Bot commercial here. Plus, if you dare, watch Donny Deutsch’s interview with the company’s founders here.

—Posted by David Gianatasio