Bonds or Barbaro? There’s no comparison

If Barry Bonds had broken his leg instead of matching Babe Ruth’s home-run record, maybe Americans would like him better. There was lamentation from coast to coast when Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro broke his leg during the running of the Preakness this past Saturday. (Indeed, ABC News was prompted to do a story examining why the plight of an injured racehorse evoked “deep empathy” from so many people.) Bonds’ home run, by contrast, has evoked more distaste than applause. A Rasmussen Reports poll fielded last week found just 41 percent of baseball fans saying Bonds should “be allowed in the Hall of Fame,” while 39 percent said he shouldn’t be, and the rest weren’t sure either way. An outright majority (66 percent) believe Bonds used steroids to bash his way into the record books, vs. just 18 percent saying they don’t believe it. His personal approval rating is all of 22 percent. We can surmise that a candy bar named after Barbaro would fare better with consumers than one named after Bonds.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver