BMW drives TEDTalks

We’ve been invited to lots of cool things in our day, but one event that has always, understandably, passed us by is the TED Conference, the annual Silicon Valley think-a-thon where everyone from Al Gore to Tony Robbins to Hans Rosling (OK, that one was obscure—he’s director of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, the medical university and research center) has taken the podium. So, good to hear we will get to experience TED (which stands for technology, entertainment and design) vicariously, through a BMW-sponsored video and audio podcast series called TEDTalks. The series of 18-minute speeches forms a "Best of TED” group, encapsulating some of the highlights from speakers at the conference over the last few years. Starting today, interested parties can download them here and here. Sadly, even though we plan to subscribe, this still doesn’t elevate us to the right demo to buy a Beemer.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor