For bloggers, election night is party time

After throwing levers on Tuesday, you may need to kick back and relax in front of a screen. “CNN E-lection Night Blog Party” is one option, if you think watching political bloggers smoke, eat and blog will help your candidate win. CNN is renting a D.C. Internet cafe where the wags behind Wonkette, Huffington Post and Captain’s Quarters, among other leading brands from the blogosphere, will fetch up at 7 p.m. to blow hard at unfolding events. “The right place to do politics is from a bar,” says CNN Washington bureau chief David Bohrman, who stole the idea from himself based on 2000 convention coverage he produced via a Silicon Alley startup. As you contemplate the mighty march of media history, consider this: had blogging been as big six years ago as it is now, citizen journalism could have won Al Gore the White House, and he might not have made his documentary.

—Posted by Laura Blum