Blink-182 Feeling Blue in New Partnership With AT&T

Band glows like Smurfs in ad, rewards fans for co-opting its music

The new Facebook share button on the HTC Status phone turns Blink-182 blue in this new AT&T ad from BBDO in New York. Their Smurfy glow mimics what the button does whenever you have something to share, like a new photo. Sadly, it can't explain why guys in the band are gardening. This reminds me of when Blink-182 was sponsored by T-Mobile, and Tom was, perhaps in compliance with the contract, constantly showing off a Sidekick he didn't know how to use. Hopefully someone at AT&T will show him how the HTC Status works if he has to take one on the road.
     Also part of the campaign is the Blink-182 Film Festival You Didn't Know You Entered. The band explains: "To launch our first single in eight years, AT&T helped us search YouTube for every instance of fans using our music without our permission. And then we rewarded them for it." The band took all those videos and stitched together a three-minute clip, also posted below. "Thanks for being a fan," they write. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.