Bitchy old women promoting Kraft hummus


Droga5 is stirring up some mild controversy with its new campaign for Kraft Foods’s Athenos hummus. The brand’s new spokeswomen are a bunch of cantankerous yiayias (Greek for grandmother) who enjoy ridiculing their grandchildren. In the first spot below, one of them calls her granddaughter a whore for wearing a pretty tame dress. In a second spot, another yiayia tells her granddaughter she’s “going to hell” for living with a guy before marriage. Yiayias are apparently renowned for this kind of malevolence, and their descendants love them for it! Jill Baskin, director of advertising at Kraft, says the brand means no offense. “While these ads may be controversial, for the most part people will see them for the light-hearted fun they are having,” she says. “Any Greek Americans we ran them by thought they were really funny.” They apparently did not run them past Maria Anagnostopoulos, program director at The Greek Institute, who says: “These commercials are not appropriate from a Greek perspective.” Two more spots after the jump.