Bing takes its anti-Google chaos to the U.K.

The guy in Microsoft Bing's new UK spot — the first in a series that builds on JWT's American campaign — is kind of like a young Rowan "Mr. Bean" Atkinson. Is that a good thing? Yes it is, and he excels at acting out the part of "Information Overload," confusingly tossing off random and unhelpful bits of information. He name-checks '70s art-rocker Bryan Ferry ("Love Is The Drug") and howler monkeys in the same sentence, which is a feat that most search engines would actually be hard-pressed to match. The scene escalates into a monkey-screaming mob, but it's still not as freaky as the U.S. version's cacophony of crazy. No one does mass hysteria like us Yanks. Via Adland.

 —Posted by David Gianatasio