Billboard drives drivers to distraction

Gorilla1Here’s another example of someone in the ad business playing dumb. In South Carolina, drivers crashed into each other and backed up traffic when a billboard with what looked to be a human in a gorilla suit hanging from it distracted them. (His parachute got stuck on its corner, you see). The gorilla was actually a dummy. As a crew took a good solid hour to cut it down, distracted drivers collided. Don Woodsmall, of an undisclosed "advertising company", told WIS TV, predictably, that, "It’s a jungle out there and we just wanted to help our advertisers with guerilla marketing." The Richland County Sheriff’s office, however, doesn’t care about Woodsmall’s marketing plan and probably cares even less about his lame play on words. It said the company could face criminal or civil charges related to the crash. Come on now. Live billboards have been done for years, and with much more imagination and thought, like the one from Calvin Klein. A gorilla and a parachute is too easy.

—Posted by Celeste Ward