A bikini that just wants you to be healthy

You avoid skin cancer by getting out of the sun. But for a swimwear company, that advice isn’t going to help sell bikinis. Thus, Solestrom has developed an ingenius new product that’s made for the sun but is health-conscious, too: a bikini with a built-in UV meter in its belt, which beeps when its owner needs to seek shadier ground. A Solestrom rep tells Reuters that the meter on the $190 bikini measures UV intensity on a scale from 0 to 20. (Typically, 3-5 would be considered moderate strength, 8-10 very high and anything above 11 extreme.) The rep says people in Australia and South Africa, who lead the world in skin-cancer rates, are buying these things in spades. It may not be the most flattering two-piece ever made, but it’s a nice idea. Still, next time maybe they could focus a little more on the U.S. market. Like developing steak that beeps when you eat too much of it.

—Posted by David Kiefaber